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Medical Intuitive Workshop Level 1

Medical Intuitive Interactive On-Line Training: Level 1
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Time:   8.45am-5pm Thur & Fri

Location: Woodlands

Registration: 8.30am

DATE: Sat-Sun  22nd-23rd March  2018

PRICE: $750

Early Bird: $680

Payment schemes available

VALUE: $1,800

Welcome to the upcoming Medical Intuitive Level 1 workshop on the 22nd - 23rd March 2018, presented by Katrina Jean Taylor. This workshop is the perfect balance of Western medicine and using your intuition to help people eliminate stress, overcome fear, eliminate pain, remove trauma from the body, and more. Being your own medical intuitive taps into your own powerful intuitive senses to calm the nervous system, releases blockages in the meridian points in your body and brings positive energy flowing within your body & mind. Let go of unnecessary negative thoughts and find time to get back to your inner self and believe you can self-heal.

By attending this workshop you will find deep inner peace, happiness, meditation, whole brain interaction and release the power of your intuition. The happier you are, lessen anger, stress, addictions, depression and unnecessary worry,  the more positive your mindset become.

The Direction Technique, Three Quick Breaths", helps tap into your own endocrine system, specifically the pineal, pituitary, adrenal, pancreas, thymus, reproductive, thyroid glands and vibrates energy into your body and stimulates hormones for your body to feel balanced. 

Medical Intuitive Level 1

Some of the topics covered during the workshop:  
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  • Develop medical intuitive skills for your physical, emotional, mental health.
  • Align your 7 glands for optimum health
  • Develop intuitive abilities to listen to your body
  • Prevention of medical, emotional & mental health illnesses
  • Step by step guide to healing the beginnings of an emotional, physical or mental issue
  • Change feelings fatigue, stress, exhaustion & align the glands to  create positive energy
  • Be one step ahead of the virus, strengthen your immune system & increase your intuitive abilities to hear sounds of viruses

    Discussion and healings also for Hashimoto disease, Graves disease, Influenza, Adrenal fatigue, Chronic Fatigue and more




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